Used Cars and Wireless Charging in San Diego

February 24th, 2017 by

EV Wireless Charging Becomes Cheaper with Used Car Dealerships in San Diego

San Diego based Qualcomm is introducing a new feature into the way we drive cars next year: wireless charging. Instead of having to wait at a plug in station, charging plates can be put into parking spaces. Everything is done automatically. People park, and thats it! Whether you are shopping, at a movie, or restaurant, in the future, your car will be charging as it’s parked. It may even be in the roads at stop lights. When the light turns red, you can can a quick charge until the next stop light. This technology is being released in the hybrid 2018 Mercedes Benz S550e. After a few years, this technology will be found in used cars at a much lower price. Soon, many other car makers will be using this technology, with BMW leading the pack. Companies like Evatran, Momentum, and Dynamics are competing with San Diego based Qualcomm as well. Experts believe this tech will become mainstream by 2020.

San Diego drivers may see it first in their garages to charge their existing used electric cars. A system like that, experts say, would cost a few thousand dollars. San Diegans complained that the technology only worked when parked perfectly on the charging pad, but it has improved to the point where it can be used seamlessly. The charger can charge 80% in a half hour and finish the charge in 2 hours. San Diego used car dealerships will have these kind of cars in stock once they come in, at a lower price than paying for a new model

The ultimate go for San Diego is to put these charging pads on the road. This would allow these kinds of cars to charge themselves as they drive. The San Diego Center for Sustainable Energy says, “What we could potentially see with wireless power transfer is incredibly exciting”. This technology could be applied to like buses, trams, and delivery trucks. This can go even further with autonomous vehicles. In San Diego, autonomous vehicles like Uber is developing now, can pick you up, drop you off, and wait at a charging station until the next drive. It is completely autonomous, saves space, and increases efficiency.

California and San Diego have set the pace for this change. Although California is investing billions in green tech, only 3% of the vehicles sold in California are zero emissions. This wireless charging technology could give a much needed boost in zero emission sales. The San Diego Climate Action Plan has many policies in place to increase zero transmission cars. About 500 wireless chargers will be deployed around California and San Diego to test the new product. A public transit wireless charging system and autonomous vehicle initiatives will be commonplace around 2020.

San Diego used car dealerships are realizing this new trend. A few more years after this tech is mainstream, used car dealerships in San Diego like Go Rock Auto will have these zero emissions vehicles for a fraction of the cost that people paid when buying new. The increased affordability in these cars will make buying used cars from Go Rock Auto a no brainer.

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